Member Benefits

Here are just a few of your member benefits:

  • Advocacy with automobile and motorcycle manufacturers
  • Advocacy on Capitol Hill with both Congress and Senate as well as State Representatives
  • Advocacy in regulatory and franchise areas
  • Current information on regulatory changes as well as education on compliance needs
  • Networking opportunities during organization functions such as Annual Conference with other Manufacturers
  • Information on future dealer networking activities
  • One on One meetings with Automobile Manufacturers during Annual Meeting

Dues Categories:
Premier: $500.00 per dealership. If you own or control two or more dealership outlets, each additional outlet is $140 (which are called affiliate dealerships)
Dealer Candidate: $150.00 for an individual who aspires to become a dealer and/or does not own more than 51 percent ownership nor has the ability to become majority owner
Regular Member: $1,000.00 for a dealership that elects not to become a member of a line group association and only has one dealership

About your Dues Invoicing:
Dues are invoiced every October for the upcoming membership calendar year. Membership expires Dec. 31.

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