Being a member of NAMAD gives you the opportunity to be a part of a nationwide network of professionals dedicated to diversity inclusion across all aspects of the automotive industry, stay up-to-date on regulations that affect your business and industry trends.

NAMAD membership is on an annual basis (calendar year). Dues are invoiced every October for the upcoming membership year. Membership categories and annual dues are described below for your information and consideration.

How are dues calculated? For a single location dealership: Dues are based per rooftop (See Premier Member). If you own multiple locations, the 1st store will be at the Premier Member rate and each additional rooftop at the Affiliate Member rate of $140.00.


NAMAD is committed to developing strategic relationships and advocating for the advancement of minority automobile dealers in the American automotive industry. The association provides exclusive member benefits including access to critical resources and training programs to help increase dealership profitability. 

Your NAMAD membership advantages include:


  • NAMAD protects and promotes ethnic minority dealer interests on Capitol Hill before federal and state legislators.
  • NAMAD addresses concerns before automobile and motorcycle manufacturers to increase the number of minority-owned dealerships in communities across America.
  • NAMAD protects and promotes ethnic minority dealers before federal and regulatory agencies to assist with the formulation of business policies and practices that ensure diversity and economic parity.


  • Exclusive Member Vendor Benefits
  • One-on-One meetings with automotive industry representatives 
  • Minority Dealer Talent Registry, an online database for manufacturers to search for future dealer candidates
  • Preferred pricing for the Annual Membership Meeting
  • Strategic networking opportunities with automotive stakeholders


  • Subscription to NAMAD’s Treads Magazine, a monthly e-newsletter with the latest industry news
  • E-blasts with up-to-date regulatory changes and compliance needs
  • Exclusive financial literacy educational program through Ally Financial
  • Information on future dealer networking activities and business opportunities


  • Dealer Locator where customers can search for your dealership for their buying needs
  • Dealership marketing resources to grow your business
  • Marketing and promotion of your dealership on the NAMAD website as well as to outside organizations


Limited to individuals of ethnic minority descent who currently own a dealership.


The Affiliate Membership Dues serves to enroll each additional dealership.


An individual aspiring to become a dealer and/or does not have ownership > than 51%.


NextGen is limited to individuals with a management position within current NAMAD member dealership; the member must be at least 21 years old. Member may also be the son or daughter of a current NAMAD member.